Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Week Update

We had three new girls arrive from Pastor Andy's home town. As you can see they are very malnourshished. From left to right is Jedina (3), Vernelia (5), and Soumene Jules (8). Vernelia and Soumene are sisters while Jedina is a cousin to the girls. They have more siblings but Andy was not able to bring them. They do have both a mother and father. The next picture is of Soumene, the 8-year-old.

Check out how happy baby Marclove is after being with us for eleven days. He is smiling, eating more and finally drinking out of his sippy cup. Praise God!

Here are the pictures of the new ,18-days-old, twins, Thomas (is the first) and Tasha. They were not yet named, so we had the privilage of naming them. They're mother died from an infection a few days after giving birth. We were not able to get them in a picture together because we took Tasha to the hospital right away. As you can see, she was very, very sick. She was only with us for a very short time, but we still loved her. Most of you already know, we lost Tasha on December 28, 2008. Please keep the mission family in your prayers. We are hurting for our loss but still moving foward in Father!

We will always love you, Tasha!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Creche Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas from all of us here at LFM and our friends and family in Haiti!

This is the christmas tree that Hanna, Guerry, and I painted on a wall at the creche.

Monday, December 15, 2008


This is Marclove after having him for two days now. You can see a big change in him. He is now eating, but we still have to give him liquid through a syringe. He doesn't know how to sip out of a baby cup. He has been crawling, which is really good for him in this condition.

Daniel and willy took a hike up to the top of the mountains, overseeing Port-de-Paix. They had a lot of fun.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Day in Haiti

We have a new boy. His name is MarcLove Jean. He was born July 26, 2007. His mother died and he has one brother who is not with us. We took him immediately to the doctor and he has been tested and x-rayed and has Tuberocloius (TB). His father was looking for someone to help him because he knew that his son was sick. So a neighborhood boy brought him to us. The father cried as he gave up his son. That is unusual for fathers in Haiti. Marc will be going to the doctor once a month for treatment at the hospital. He is living with us in our home for the time being, especially with a lack of space and so many babies at the Creche. I will be able to keep a close eye on him and give him the caring, personal attentioin that he needs.

This is Mackenda (Lydia), being adopted by Natalie and Chris Lewis, with a cotton cast on her arm. Last night she was playing inside and one of the boys knocked her down. She fell and landed on her elbow. We took her to La Pointe (the local children's hospital) to have x-rays and found out that she pretty much dislocated it at the socket. They pulled on her arm to relocate it in place, and she now has a soft cast on for a while. Just pray for healing and for the new boy too with TB.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Praise the Lord! John's adoption is finalized! He has gone home to his new family on November 29th. His new parents, Rob and Margo Sutton of Indpls., Indiana, have reported that John is doing well and enjoying the white snow. We miss him dearly after having him as part of our family for three years. We love you, John and miss you! Rob and Margo has just started the adoption process for baby Davinson, which he is still in Haiti at the adoption home with mama Solange.
Franson and Leopaul Adelson have gone home to their new family in Stapleton, Alamaba. Leopaul got his visa to leave with his father, Chris Lewis, on Nov. 29th, while Franson, being 15 years old, had to wait a few more days. Franson went home on Dec. 3rd. These boys have been with us for six years and became a big part of our family. As Daniel would say, Franson has always been his shadow. The Lewis family is still waiting on the visa appt. for their daughter Jasmina, as it can happen anytime now. We are going to miss these boys very much! We love you boys! And will see you soon.