Friday, January 30, 2009

An Addition and Update

Donaldson Cadet, born July 27, 2008, came to the creche on Jan. 24th. His mother died eleven days prior to his coming. He is healthly though. His father just did not want him to die. He has 3 siblings. The father said that the mother was cooking a meal for them and then, all of a sudden, feeling weak, went to lay down and died. In haiti, we cannot tell you the cause of death. This boy sure is a double fingers sucker. We are thinking about changing his name to Anthony. He does not have a birth certificate yet.

Here is a picture of Marc. You see that he has put on ten pounds in two weeks. Praise the Lord!

Here is a picture of Thomas. He is doing so well!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Boy

We have a new boy; his name is Estephea Pierrevil. He was dropped off by his mother at a market downtown with a badly burnt hand and arm. Pastor Andy went downtown and saw him there. He brought him to us and then went looking for relative and found the mother. She says that he was born September 2, 2007, but we find it hard to believe that he is that young according to as many teeths he has. He eats, walks and play very well. He was so dirty; oh my, was he dirty. We had to give him a bath, and you wouldn't believe how much dirt came off of him. They say he is the youngest of 3 (one brother and one sister older) and that his father is unknown. He is so cute (as they all are) and loves Daniel. The last photo is his arm after cleanup. Alot of his skin peeled away.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas in Haiti

Christmas was so successful in Haiti! Santa came to see the good children in Haiti. A group from Kansas brought enough gifts for each of our children to have three gifts apiece and also to help fill a toybox for each of the homes. Toyboxes were built by Nolan and John. It is exciting to see toyboxs full of toys. It was exciting to see smiles on these children's faces. I cannot express the smiles.
the boys home
the Creche
the group
See how much Marc has grown in 25 days...