Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creche Crisis

We have talked about the need of a new Crèche home. We now find ourselves in a situation today that brings our previous need for a new home to whole new urgency. As we were preparing for church yesterday morning we had a phone call from Solange, the director of the crèche. She told us that the ceiling on the second floor porch, in the babies' area, had fallen down. The babies were at home getting dressed for church but none were on the porch at that time. Cindy, Vance and I went over to look at the situation. About a six foot diameter section of the ceiling fell on the porch where our babies always play. As I was checking out the damage and poking on the other ceilings I found that two of the other rooms, in which the babies sleep, could fall at anytime. So the only option we had was to move the 12 babies into our home with the 4 we are already taking care of, and do it without delay. We had to move all of our family's belongings into our bedroom and into the storage room to make space for them. So what was once our living room is now the baby's bedroom and the sitting room is now their play area. Now we have 18 children and 8 adults living in our 3 bedroom home. Along with this we have 7 day staff and 3 night staff that will be in and out of our home. We do not know what the Father's plan is. We hear about the economy in America, with our ears, but we know in our heart and in our spirit that God's economy, Father's kingdom, has not fallen. For twelve years he has provided for us here. We do not know how Father is going to provide at this time. We do know, however, that we are able, by His hand, to feed over 700 meals per weekday (400 on weekends), and pay 62 staff members per month, while taking care of a family of 97 every day; everything from schooling and health needs to clothing and food. We constantly sit in amazement at the goodness of Father's promises for those who obey Him. We do not know where the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed for our children will come from, but we do know that it is out there, already prepared for us by the Father. You may not be able to financially give at this moment, but we do not have one supporter that is not able to get down on their knees and go before the Father in prayer. God is not taken by surprise nor is He ever late in providing what His children need, we just know that our family includes you, your love, your prayers, and your support.