Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Kids!

This is Fredlet Jumeau. He was born July, 16 2003.
This is Ronald Jumeau. We are not for sure when his birthday is yet. We are guessing he is about 7 yrs.old.
These brothers were brought by their mother to ITFH on July 21st. Their father, Cedieu Jumeau, passed away, and their mother, Adeline Desir, is not able to care for her boys. They are relatives of one of our staff and have been living on his porch. Their mother had brought them once before, but we did not take them at that time. Fredlet has a twin sister named Fredline, and they have one other sister.
Ths is Rodrique Vilsaint. He was born March 22, 1995. His aunt, Sylvanie Pierre, brought him to ITFH on July 20th, around 5pm. His father, Fergelus Vilsaint, and mother, Merancia Pierre, are both deceased. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister.

We also have a new girl, Annabelle's sister, Markenda. She is about 5 yrs. old. I will post her picture at a later time.
We introduced you to Tabitha not too long ago. Tabitha's name has been changed to Isabella Mae and is being adopted by John and Carmen Niehaus from Sonlight Academy. They will be back in Haiti on Aug 8th to meet their new daughter. Lynn Ryle, a mutual friend, is hosting a baby shower for her soon.
We had a group of women from an A/G church from Petionville, Port-au-Prince, sent here by God. They came all the way here with a word from God for each of our boys at the boys' home. In a nut shell, they told the boys that God wanted them to obey, respect the leaders that were placed in front of them, and be in His word and He will bless them. It was awesome to have them.
Please pray that as our family continues to grow, so will our facilities. There are so many homeless children and not enough space. We do what we are able to as the Lord allows. Our hearts reach out to these orphans, and, with your help, we are able to bring them in. Thank you for all that you do!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


We just received word that the Haitian Supreme Court has finally ruled in the case brought against us by one of our former employees. With little explanation as to why they ruled as they did, we have been ordered to pay $15,000+ (Haitian), or $2026 (U.S.), immediately. After lingering for several years in the muddled court system of Haiti, this decision could hardly have come at a worse time. With food prices what they are and income at nearly an all time low, we simply do not have anything left to pay this fee. A failure to pay will be cause for both Pastor Andy and I to be jailed. While our first response was, "This is ridiculous. He didn't have a case!", we soon realized there is no other recourse but to pay the fine and be finished with this entire mess. The only consolation is that the former employee will likely not see any of this money come to him. He has already had to sell his property and take out loans to continue this case to the end. The money we pay will go to the lawyers and the court fees. Still it is frustrating to say the least. We have starving people on our doorstep daily and yet we have to take the next $2026 that comes in to pay this fee. Pastor Andy is beyond words. And so, once again it seems we are facing another financial crisis and must come to you with a request to help. Speed is of the essence. The fastest way to get money to us is by an online donation on the Globe International web site: www.gme.org We have shared this need as we have been told to do and now we leave it in Father's hands.

On a more positive note. We have recently been visited by 6 ladies from near Port au Prince. They came to us one day with a word from Father for our boys and our mission. They told us God had told them to come and they came. We were amazed when they began praying and prophesying over our boys and giving the same words that God had given to us about these boys some time ago. They also had a word for Pastor's wife, Emmanuella that was an exact confirmation of a message she had received from someone else recently. We are thankful for this gift of encouragement that came just before this crisis. It would be hard not to become discouraged with one thing and then another if it were not for Father's constant renewal of His promise in so many amazing ways.

Recently we promised to do a better job of communicating. We are trying to keep you informed of what is happening at the mission. Communication goes both ways. We'd love to hear from you too. Please let us know what's happening in your lives and how we can get you the information you would like to have from us.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Bye Prison Look!

We would like to thank the ACT group and Holly's group from Ohio for painting for us! These buildings used to be all gray, which made our compound look like a prison compound. Well, now things are starting to take shape and color! Our boys' home is beginning to actually look like a home! Thank you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I would like to introduce to you all the newest addition to Grace children adoption home. This baby girl was abandoned by her birth mother. The father is unknown. Basically, the mother told the baby's aunt that she was going to throw her away. She came with no identity. So I have named her Tabitha. She was born July 6th and only weighs 5 lbs. Keith and I decided to keep her in our home for a month or so with her being so small and needing attention right now with her umbilical cord. Other than that, she is doing very well for a newborn and adjusting well to feeding.

The day she came to us.

Tabitha now. :)
We found bruises on her arms and hands. We are not sure if these bruises were from delivering her by pulling too tight or from her mother holding her to tight.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Family Continues to Grow!

We have two new girls! The youngest one is Woodnaika Daniel, born 7/20/07, and the oldest one is Chandeline Daniel, approximately ten years old. We do not know her birthday yet. Their mother died this past May of sickness and their is father unknown. They were brought to us by their aunt. Both seems to be healthy, just bony. No fat on them. Woodnaika cannot walk yet and we don't know if she can crawl yet. They are adoptable.

The top picture is Daniel helping the ACT group from Bowling Green, Ohio, coaching at a basketball camp for young boys.
We have moved the ten girls upstairs into our old living quarters at the creche. The number of girls is growing more than boys right now. Girls here in haiti are very much being treated as a slaves, even in their own homes. Tina McIver and Audrey Ullery painted the girls room and helped set things up. Thank you to them. They were a big help!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Willy and Sabrina

I thought that you would like to see a couple cute pictures. The first is Sabrina and her dress for church. This was the dress that I had bought for her to come home in but I don't think it is going to fit much longer. Daniel says that it makes her look pregnant but I think she is so cute. :) The second is her new bed (made in Haiti). She quickly grew out of her playpen! Keith had to put a temporary railing on the side. The first night she slept in it with Willy and rolled off the side of the bed. But isn't it beautiful? :)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Wow! We've had a very busy and exciting week! The Kansas group did work in the new kitchen at the boys home. It's looking good. They put white tiles on the floor and worked on the counters. They also built a swing set for the children at the creche. Sabrina loves to swing. The Kansas team has left and we are now getting ready for the ACT group from Ohio along with Holly's group of 27 people total.

Here is a photo of Evens Joseph. His birthday is April 10, 1997. His father is still alive, but his mother died in 2000. She drowned in the big river in Gonaives. He has nine brothers and five sisters, all from six different women. He is the youngest. He used to live with his grandma but she is unable to care for him. He was brought to the mission on June 23 by one of his older sisters. Even is so loving and compassionate.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


We would like to introduce you to Marcilia. Many of you know one of our boys, Edouard. This is his sister. She has been living with her grandmother and some other family members. She says she is 11 years old but we believe her to be at least 13. We are still waiting on her birth certificate.

Marcilia has had a very difficult life. Edouard went to visit her last week, and when he got there, he found her thrown outside of the house. When he asked her what happened, she told him that her family was not giving her any food. So two days prior, she took a piece of bread off the table. Her grandmother caught her, put the bread back, and threw her outside. Edouard was not about to leave his sister there. So he carried Marcilia to our house. She was so weak that she couldn't walk. She is incredibly malnourished, and we found bite marks, scars, and bruises on her body. We also believe that she has been through sexual abuse, but cannot prove anything. She is still scared and nervous. It took a few days to get a smile out of her. She came with nothing so Tiffany, along with Emily and Martha Pell, is sending in clothes and shoes for her. Please pray for this young lady as we share the love of God with her, show her the love a family, and that she will learn to accept all of this in her heart!