Monday, April 27, 2009


Here are a few looks from our month of April...
We had a group of students from
Seagertown, PA, visit us. The first picture is Patrick (Keith's brother who brought the group in) and Micah (an EMT visiting) doing surgery on Willy's foot. He went swimming in the ocean with only his flip flops (I was in Port-au-Prince; otherwise, this would not have happened) and got bit by something posionous on the heel of his left foot. We had to cut the spot open, drain it, and leave it open for the rest of the fluid to drain. He was in a lot of pain! We did a lot of praying! We were hoping and praying that it would heal on its own. And it did! We wanted to thank everyone for their prayers that it was not worse than what we could handle here in this third world country!

This second one is baby Max and I loving on each other during a mission's prayer meeting held by the FVCS group of students of Seagertown, PA.

The last one are the three youngest ones still living in our home. Thomas still needs a family to adopt him. From left to right- Chelda, Max, and Thomas.

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