Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Land

The new land is ours! It's hard to believe we made the deal! Of course, we've only made the down payment and we have another $30,000 to go but the deal is made and it was a great deal. It's a big house on a large piece of land with lots of room to grow.

Now, I guess, its time to start building and working. After a quick walk through at the new house, and beginning to make a plan, the first thing to do will be build a security wall around the property. It already has a short wall but this will need to be extended up several feet to make our children safe. And then we'll need to work on adding the electrical and plumbing, do some tile work inside, and plaster and paint the ceilings and walls. Then build some kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, add windows and doors, get some appliances and build or buy some furniture AND THEN WE CAN MOVE IN THE CHILDREN. All this needs to be done by the first of August when our rent is due again on the current Adoption Home.

We're very excited to have our newest missionary, Audrey Ullery, back with us after a short break in the states. She's getting her program with our girls going again. That brings us to another need. There is no way we are going to be able to complete the babies new home AND build a girls home by the beginning of August. So pray for wisdom as we decide what to do with our 29 beautiful girls.

Moving down the road to our boys' home. Our older boys house is looking awesome. The boys and a group from near Moline, IL have been working all week building closets and desks, and painting, and making their dorm look like a real home. They've also spruced up the mission compound by adding some color and painting some doors, and railings. It looks great.

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