Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Praise the Lord!

We will have the new land/house in our possession this week. We have paid half down and we're going to pay the other half on contract. The owner also has a depot (shed) full of cement, steel and building materials that we might need. He has offered to sell us what we need of those materials on credit in order to finish the house that is already started on the land. Now as much as this sounds good, we have not yet had to borrow to build anything. We have had to borrow occasionally for food, transportation, or payroll during the last thirteen years but we've always built only when we could raise the money. I truly prefer not to borrow, so pray with me for wisdom. We feel this is the right decision to get these children into a home where the ceilings are not falling in and they aren't so badly overcrowded.

Sabrina's adoption papers have been signed off and are ready for Keith and I to pick them up! We can go and apply for her visa to travel to the U.S.! We are over joyed that this wait is finally over and that our family may now be and travel together!!!!!!

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